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Hey guys :)
Monday, May 9, 2011 /12:54 AM

Hey guys! I haven't been blogging for ages now cause i don't really like blogging that much anymore. Anyway school has been crappy ever since the year started. Uh people who read all my posts and complimented me i really appreciate them, thank you! Even though i really don't think there's anything good about this dead blog, anyway im glad it gave you some information for whatever you guys wanted to know, and for that one hater on the chatbox, yeah, i don't really care if you hate my blog so just GTFO nobody even asked you to come here. So im just telling you guys that uhm i won't be blogging for a really long time so please don't come back to check for more posts because it would only disappoint you guys so yes thanks for all the compliments once again. Although i may not be blogging anymore for those of you who have tumblr, do feel free to follow me because there's where im currently at now i tumblr everyday. Please check it out and follow me. If you find my that the pictures i reblog are too crappy then don't follow cause it would be a waste of my time. Follow me at Yeah thats all i got to say, check out my tumblr! No spamming please. I won't be back. I would post again in a few months probably. Thanks guys. Bye Bye :)

Hohoho! Merry Christmas.
Sunday, December 26, 2010 /12:50 AM

Hey guys Merry Christmas! Yeah i know its officially over but just came by to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :D Christmas is over that means the holidays is about to end :( Boo hoo D: Anyway nowadays its FREAKING cold my nose feels really cold now. I wish it would snow in singapore but that will never happen. Geez. Okay so today, i mean yesterday, was Christmas and well we didn't really celebrate much just went out to eat. First woke up to eat roti prata for breakfast then went home then i played my iPhone blah blah blah actually my parents wanted to order KFC for dinner but when we called to order the people said there were too much orders cause its Christmas so we just waited until about 9pm then we went out to a outlet near my tuition center somewhere in bradell, to eat KFC and there were hardly anyone there cause maybe no one really walk past there so yeah we kinda ate supper. Then i ate the mushroom burger and 3 mashed potatos. Gosh i swear im gonna grow as fat as a potato soon -.- Then my father ordered the same as me then mummy ordered some burger i don't know what then jie jie ordered black pepper chicken so after we ate we went home. Yeah thats about it on how we celebrated Christmas. Interesting huh? Haha. Anyway once again , Merry Christmas! Even though i know no one comes here but nevermind! Bye!

Blee Bleh blah :D
Thursday, December 23, 2010 /10:48 PM

Hey people this is my first time posting with my iPhone. I didn't know can. Hehe. Anyway today I went to my new school to register. It was okay. I'm in class 1/6 register number 17. My class has 39 people and only 1 of my bestfriend followed me to this class. The rest all bleh.... Either go 1/5 or 1/7 or 1/8. I will really miss them. Especially my family members. I love you guys forever! Anyway this year there are much more people from other school that came to this school than the people from our school. 1/7 and 1/8 have 40 people and most of them are from other schools. Okay so woke up super early in the morning to go eat breakfast then went to school to register. Went to school and looked at the list to see which class I'm in so after I saw I went to the hall. I saw Aurelia there already sitting on the chair so yeah she was in my class. I was so happy at least I'm not alone. More and more people came and I found out that many people that were my bestfriends last time in primary school was in the same class as me. People like Melissa chew and siew ying. So the principle briefed us about the school and after about 45 minutes? Yeah we went to class to get to know our classmates and teacher. I found out that my form teacher was my sister's math teacher so yeah she is going to be my math teacher. So blah blah blah there will be sec 1 orientation for us in the first day of school so yeah I hope it's fun. Lol Joanne is already complaining that she hates her class cause there were many people she hate there. Hello, it's not even the first day of school and complaining already so how are you going to survive the whole year? Haha so got released and went to look for mummy at canteen. We bought my uniform and books there. The queue was super long so we waited for really long. Then went home. Okay I'm too lazy to carry on. Bye Bye :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 /5:29 PM

Hey people! Today was the day i knew which secondary school i was posted to and im going to CHIJ Secondary Toa Payoh next year :D YEEE PEEEE!!! Its definitely my desired school. I thought i couldn't get in. And im in express course. Yay. That means i don't need to take 2 exams and study principle of accounts. Ew. But if i don't work hard i might drop to normal T.T no...... Okay anyway tomorrow need to go to the school to register and i heard i would get to know my class and go to my new classroom and get to know my classmates. Hope they are awesome people. So maybe gonna buy my books or my uniform when they give out the lists. Can't wait. Hehe. Im so happy. Okay nothing to post now. Bye Bye~ :D